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Mulanche Srujanatmak Likhan (Childrens Creative Writing)

By: Dr. Manjiri Nimbkar 

Published by : Jyotsna Prakashan, Pune 

This book analyzes children’s creative writing. The book says that every child is creative but the creativities may be of different kinds.  It also reviews the writing of the students of Kamala Nimbkar Balbhavan, covering the span of more than a decade. 


Price: Rs. 75

Apan Vachu Ya (Let s Read) Part 1 and 2

By: Maxine Berntsen 

A Marathi primer in two parts based on PSS s Pragat Vachan Paddhati, developed for the reading and writing in standard one. 

Combined Price of both the parts: Rs. 50

Everyday English Book 1

By: Jane Sahi 

Published by: Jyotsna Prakashan, Pune


This book covers the basic range of everyday vocabulary. An attempt is made to draw attention to spelling and sounds. The topics introduced are relevant and a flavour of children s literature is added in through poems and stories. 


Price: Rs. 75

Everyday English Book 1: Teachers’ Manual

By: Jane Sahi 
Published by: Jyotsna Prakashan, Pune 


This book has been designed to support teachers using Everyday Englsih, Book 1. The content and some of the excersizes of that book have been explained and elaborated and additional material has been given.


Price: Rs. 75 (includes an Audio CD)

Everyday English, Book 2

By: Jane Sahi 
Published by: Jyotsna Prakashan, Pune 


This book attempts to take the children beyond the familair everyday life and includes stories from other places and countries. The chapters are arranged around different themes like clothes and food.


Price: Rs. 90

My English Workbook

By: Shankar


This is a workbook useful for classes first to the fifth. It has a lot of funny pictures and riddles too.


Price: Rs. 25

Let s Learn English

By: Dr. Manjiri Nimbkar


A textbook for class five (Marathi medium).


Price: Rs. 15

Picture Dictionary

By: Dr. Maxine Berntsen, Jai Nimbkar 


A picture dictionary of words about the natural world, clothing, towns and villages, houses, professions etc. 


Price: Rs. 20


My First English Dictionary

By: Dr. Manjiri Nimbkar 


A dictionary with the pronunciations and Marathi meanings of the words used in everyday life. 


Price: Rs. 15


Apan Gaani Gau Ya (Let s Sing Songs) Part 1 and 2

A collection of Marathi children s songs. 


Price: Rs. 20

Kamala Nimbkar Balbhavanchya Prarthana (The Prayers of KNB)

Kamala Nimbkar Balbhavan is a secular school for children from all strata of society. The prayers sung here talk only about equality, kindness and love. All the prayers are addressed to the nature or the empathy between humans. This booklet is the collection of many such prayers. 


Price Rs. 25

Hitakarak Paramparik Sheetpeye (Useful Traditional Cold-drinks)

Collection: KNB students

Verbalisation: Swamini Rudrabhate


The KNB students did a comparitive study of the bottled fizzy cold-drinks and the home-made traditional drinks. They also prepared the traditional drinks and sold them in school. This is a booklet which tells the importance and recipes of some of such home-made cold drinks. 


Price: Rs. 10

Everyday English Introductory Book

By: Jane Sahi

Drafty Copy (With a picture booklet)


This book has been designed to help teachers teach English through English, even though they may lack practice in spoken English. The book introduces much of the vocabulary included in Everyday English Book 1, but here the focus is on speaking. 

Teaching English Through English

By: Jane Sahi

Draft copy


This book is a simplified vesion of Everyday English Introductory book. It is meant for those teachers who have had little or no training in English. It introduces classroom activities along with simple stories and songs. 

Bhashet Nhaun Nightana: Lahan Mulanchya Moukhik Bhashecha Vikas (Immersed in language: Language Development of Small Children)

The glimpses of children’s language development shown in this film are from a hamlet in the drought-prone area of Western Maharashtra. Language means not on words, but also the language of touch and gaze. Children acquire their language through small everyday experiences. 

(A Marathi film with Englsih subtitles)


Price: Rs. 150

Pragat Vachan Paddhati: Mulanna sakshar karnyacha ek saksham marga (The PSS Approach to Reading: An Effective Method of Helping Children Become Literate)

A training film about how to use the PSS approach to reading and writing. 

(A Marathi film with English subtitles)


Price: Rs. 150

Phaltanche Lokjeevan wa Paryawaran: Ek Aitihasik Adhava (The People s Life and Environment of Phaltan: A Historical Review)

We have been documenting the KNB’s annual projects digitally since 2008. This DVD has the collection of the writings and drawings of children on the 2008 project ‘The People’s Life and Environment of Phaltan: A Historical Review’.