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Who We Are  :   Philosophy

 Our dream is of a world

where no child

will be deprived of education,

or be forced to attend a school

that will mutilate their spirit.


Every child is born with the urge to grow, to develop, to dream and explore the world around her. As she leaves the security of her family it is the school that fosters—or hinders—her first steps into the larger world. If the school is a welcoming, joyous place, the child learns to trust the world and feel secure in it.
We believe that all the children have a right to good education, an education that nurtures and strengthens their spirit and gives them a chance to dream.





A school should be a place where children learn and construct knowledge at their own pace in a free and caring atmosphere. The education at school should be grounded in children’s social and cultural context to ensure that it does not (and should not) alienate them from their homes and families.

The school must also be a place for teachers to develop, innovate, grow and create knowledge that is relevant and based on sound theory and grounded in experience. This outlook provides a good role model for pupils and fosters an environment of meaningful education.




The double helix of DNA in the PSS emblem perfectly represents our philosophy of equality. The line "Let all things in creation be friends" comes from the Pasaydan, written by the famous Maharashtrian saint, Dnyaneshwar.