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What We Do  :   Early Childhood Education

A typical ECE classroom with many activity centres for group work
A collection of paints, coloured paper, scissors, coloured powder, gum, make up the art centre
Five year old children can write long stories using some known letters and numbers
Material is displayed attractively in the corner of doll-house

The critical importance of early years is now widely recognised. Experiences during this period may promote or impede several aspects of children’s development and learning. Preschools are often children’s first out of home, regular social experiences and do play an important role in their development and learning. Good quality early childhood programmes are known to foster many valuable skills and attitudes such as pro-social behaviours and collaboration; independent thinking and problem solving; strong language and communication skills; self-help skills; self-regulation and a positive attitude towards learning.


The early childhood education programme at Pragat Shikshan Sanstha (PSS) balwadis have a holistic and child centred approach to early years education. It is based on the following beliefs and understandings, which are reflected in their pedagogical practices.


  • All children are capable learners
  • Children learn best through active engagement with materials and people in their environments.
  • Language and communication skills are central to children’s development and learning.
  • Diversity among the children coming to the class must not only be respected but also encouraged.