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Kamala Nimbkar Balbhavan  :   Annual Project

The annual school project has been an important part of the KNB program since 1995. Each year the entire school from standard one to nine spends two to three weeks working on a chosen theme. Many of these projects have dealt with themes mainly related to Phaltan, its geography, history, environment, people etc. Some were more abstract themes about violence and children’s rights. Sometimes the themes are influenced by natural disasters like a drought or a flood affecting this part of the country.


Students collect information from the library and the internet, interview people, visit places and make observations. Back in school, they collate the information and write it up, draw maps, charts and pictures, write poems and make models. All this material is assembled into an exhibition which is open for a week or so to parents, teachers and students from other schools and the general public.


Academic Year : 2008-2009