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Power of Togetherness

Now we are in the 10th grade, so I thought that in this year we will not get to do group projects like before. But here comes a twist. After finishing a lesson about birds from our English text book, we all came to know that we are going to do group projects on a bird of our choice. Soon we knew our groups.


Sneha, Pranav, Aditya, Sanika and I were in my group. We started discussing which bird we should make our project on.

One group member said, "Peacock."

"It is very common," said the second.

"Crow!" the third said.

"Not at all!" said the fourth one.


Sparrow, owl, kite, pigeon, cock...OMG! We got a biiiiig list of birds. But we were not able to choose a bird. Finally unanimously we all decided to make a project on 'Parrot'. After that we listed out what type of work we have to do in the project and who is going to do what.


Sanika and I found all the information about parrots and converted it into small parts. Pranav drew a painting of parrot. We decided to write the project on a cardsheet paper. We thought that we had a lot of information so I had told Pranav to draw small paintings so that we'll have enough space for writing. But after converting information into small parts, we saw that we didn’t have a lot of information. Pranav had done a superior quality job. But with the little information and small paintings our project looked odd. So we all decided that to draw more paintings of the parrot. Pranav drew some paintings again. Sneha and Aditya wrote information on cardsheet in their beautiful handwritings. In all this process we many times got annoyed and angry with each other. But when we finished our project, a fabulous masterpiece was in front!


I think 'group work' is such a beautiful part of the life! When we are working individually on a project only our own thoughts come out, but when we are working together many strong thoughts and best ideas always reflect in the project. We learn many new skills from others. We help each other. In working together we always try think out of the box and create something new. Every group thinks that whatever we are going to make should be different from others. So this is how masterpieces come out from group work. 'Togetherness' is one of the strongest powers we have. We can do all those things together which seem impossible while standing alone. We can solve any problem. We not only create something new while working in groups but also create some sweet, happy and funny moments together, some amazing memories for our lifetime...


Shivanjali Dhembare, 10th, Kamala Nimbkar Balbhavan

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